Saturday, September 11, 2010

movies I will not do classes on.... part deux

Right from the beginning, I decided there were films that were just too obvious to be included in my adventure. I listed them here. Now check out this new book which was unleashed last month and compare the list of movies they DID do to my list in that post. Sure these guys got a book, but I'm sticking by my premise of avoiding such movies -- Because if it's too easy, then I'm bored. And you don't want me to be bored, now do you?

Nevertheless, I'm probably going to order a copy of the book and if you dig this whole deal, you'll probably order one too.....

And let me just note one more thing - just because a movie has fabulous or interesting food in it, does not necessarily make it a good movie. Only movies I love will be featured here. This is my pledge to you (whoever you are).

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