Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're going national, baby! USA Today covers Chef du Cinema!

Thanks USA Today and writer Sharon Jayson for the mention in their article on Oscar Party foods. And a tip of the hat to Joel Salcido for the excellent pictures! (though did they have to pick the one with my mouth open? sigh...)

So, if you've never been here before but saw this article, jump down to the previous post which I wrote to get you up to speed. (When will newspapers figure out they can offer "hyperlinks" so people can click and visit a website they write about? And you wonder why they're going the way of the dinosaurs....)

For the folks at USA Today, I offered up three recipes for 3 of the 10 Best Picture Nominations.

And to be honest (because what else is there in life to be, friends) I hated both Black Swan & The Fighter. Sure, Black Swan may be the best Dario Argento movie ever made and not made by Argento, but I still found it painfully boring. The Fighter is sadly all about Christian Bale "acting." That's all I could see is a guy walking through the movie screaming: "Hey! Look at me, I'm acting!" But hey, that's my take, and if you disagree that's okay - enjoy and/or love them. If you agree with me, don't let that keep you from trying the recipes... Enjoy.... I got a plane to catch....

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