Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Interviews & Reviews! Chef du Cinema Live on KOOP Radio's Lights Camera Austin & A Nice Write-Up in the Chronicle!

First up, my interview with Robert Sims from KOOP Radio's Lights Camera Austin from a couple of weeks ago. Click the image to hear the interview!

Also, a great little write up in the Austin Chronicle from back in April I haven't posted!

Chef du Cinema Presents 'American Graffiti'
Also: Bourbon root beer

By Joey Keeton, 12:41PM, Wed. Apr. 3

Chef du Cinema, aka Ron Deutsch, makes me wish that I were dating somebody. And had money.

If you happen to have the relationship/money combo, or are just extremely into food and/or American Graffiti – George Lucas' nostalgic classic from 1973 about a group of kids on their last night before college in 1962 – you'd be doing yourself a favor to check out Deutsch's presentation of the two at Central Market this Saturday, April 6.

The word "unique" has a tendency to be tossed around all too haphazardly in the entertainment industry, but when somebody's résumé includes concert engineer for the Dead Kennedys, 10 years as a screenwriter and story analyst, documentary filmmaker, journalist, and renowned chef, I feel relatively safe in using it. Ron Deutsch, and his cooking class, are unique.

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